“Self-Healing” Films Keep Your Car Looking Like New

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That first scratch or chip on your new car’s paint job can be heartbreaking. But with new paint protection films, much of that heartbreak might become a thing of the past.

The latest films are made of three layers: an adhesive that allows the film to stick to the car; a thick polyurethane that helps protect the paint from damage; and a clear coat that protects the polyurethane from discoloring. They can be applied aftermarket to most any vehicles.

When the clear coat and polyurethane levels are scratched, they can be made to re-form by heating them up with a heat gun or hot water. The film also allows you to remove stubborn stains with the application of a little rubbing alcohol.

You heard about PPF Coating Kit is a nano ceramic coating for automotive films. But why a coating just for film?

Keep Your Film From Yellowing or Fading

Paint Protection Films and wraps are often advertised by their manufacturers as resistant to the yellowing or fading caused by UV rays. That's a great selling point, but when you're paying upwards of a thousand dollars to get a film installed, you'll want to be absolutely certain you won't find yourself replacing a yellowed PPF years down the line. AUTOTRIZ Flexible Coating Kit gets you that peace of mind - it's packed with powerful UV/UVB-inhibitors that prevent the chemical reaction responsible for yellowing and fading. Your film will stay clear, no questions asked.

Preserves Self-Healing Properties

These days, many vinyl wraps and PPFs come with amazing self-healing properties. Just expose a micro-marred area to direct heat and your wrap bounces back. Problem is, installing a hard 9H ceramic coating on top of your film suffocates these properties, leaving a valuable feature useless. You shouldn't have to sacrifice self-healing just to get your film protected. That's why we formulated our AUTOTRIZ Flexible PPF Coating for flexibility, so your wrap will have the space it needs to keep filling in blemishes.  Your film will keep bouncing back while still getting the protection it deserves. 

Keep Contaminants From Sticking For Easy Cleaning

PPFs and vinyl absorb the damage caused by stubborn contaminants like acidic bug guts and bird droppings, saving your paint from etching and staining. Only problem is, now you're stuck with an etched and stained film, leaving you to either spend thousands getting it replaced or accept it looking terrible. Sure, you could try and wash the gunk off before they etch the surface, but you can't pressure wash film without risking it peeling back. In cases like these, having a Film Coating over your PPF will save you time and money. Instead of damaging your film, contaminants will rest on top of the coating thanks to its superhydrophobic properties. Your film will be protected from etching and staining while tough messes will wash away with ease.

How Does It Work?

Film Coating works by creating a cross-linked bond with your PPF’s thermoplastic surface, fostering a permanent barrier that lasts the lifetime of the film. Once bonded the coating will resist micro-marring and etching, inhibit UV rays, bead and sheet liquids, and preserve self-healing properties.

AUTOTRIZ PPF Flexible Coating is a specialized flexible coating for all types of polyurethane film, matte and satin wraps and vinyl film. It formulated with heavy ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor to protect film against sun damage. It offers strong resistance to chemicals and environmental damage like acid rain marks, thus not only protecting against weathering or yellowing, as well as prolonging the lifetime of the wrapped film with ease of washing and maintenance. AUTOTRIZ PPF Flexible Coating enhances gloss to the surface along with excellent water and dirt repellency and extreme durability.


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