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Industrial Performance Coating

Protect your investment and make it perform better!

When companies invest millions in their industrial assets, they want those assets to last and keep working as intended. Our performance coatings provides powerful protection against corrosion, heat, weathering, wear and tear, and dirt. They also offer important chemical resistance.

AUTOTRIZ performance coating offers a turn-key solutions for onshore and offshore oil & gas industry, power generation plant either nuclear, bio-mass, solar panel, or wind turbine. marine, oil refinery, oil piping, oil tanker, reservoir tank, aerospace


For Industrial Application



AUTOTRIZ  Self-Clean Solar  is a transparent, single-step coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Self-Clean Solar alters the electrical resistance of a surface to give it anti-static properties that allows and surface dust easily blown off by wind. In addition to its anti-soiling properties, the coating exhibits a hydrophilic, self-cleaning property that allows surface contaminants to be easily removed with only water or rain. These properties not only allow for an increase in photovoltaic efficiency, resulting in increase in power generation, but also reduce the amount of maintenance required.


For Exterior Protection



AUTOTRIZ Hull Coating is a an environmentally safe and non-toxic coating to prevent attachment of microorganisms to hulls. AUTOTRIZ Hull Coating is applied on underwater hull paints, to slow the growth and/or facilitate detachment of sub-aquatic organisms that attach to the hull. This coating is applied as two component of multi-layer coating system improving the flow of water past the hull of a boat or high performance yacht.


AUTOTRIZ Thermal Shield is an advanced thermal insulation specifically designed for metal, roofing materials. This proprietary technology combines well-known reflective properties with cutting-edge materials that radiate heat away from the surface. This material is a cost-effective alternative to traditional roofing insulation. Not only does Thermal Shield provide cost savings in terms of energy bills, it also provides a water and moisture barrier to roofing, increasing the longevity of the roof itself.

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