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On each side of our website, Cookie settings are available, where the user can at any time read the list of other companies using cookies on this website and change their settings for these files. Detailed information on how we use our users’ personal data and applicable user rights is included in our Privacy Notice.

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AUTOTRIZ WORLDWIDE uses cookies on this website. Cookies are small text files stored on a user’s computer or other device by the website visited by him. On this page we present the types of cookies we use and the purpose of their use, and we provide an option to enable or disable these files (some cookies are necessary for the proper operation of our website). Below is a list of other companies using cookies on our website and a description of the purposes of their use, as well as buttons to enable or disable the use of cookies of these other companies. Our website uses cookies to facilitate its use, support in providing information and functionality to the user and providing us with information about how our website is used, which allows us to ensure that it is as up-to-date as possible, appropriate and devoid of mistakes. We also use cookies in order to ensure that the ads displayed to users reflect their interests. Detailed information on the types of cookies used on our website are presented below. The User may limit or block the use of cookies at any time by using the following options or settings of his browser. Detailed information about the subject and general cookie files can be found at and However, please note that restricting or blocking the use of cookies on our website may affect its functionality or operation and prevent users from using certain services provided through it.

Cookies used in

These cookies are necessary for the proper launch of the website. These cookies allow you to add products to the basket, access to the client area, support for the notification module, etc.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary to use the properties and services of our website.
If you block these cookies, we can not guarantee access to services provided through our website or we can not be sure how this website will behave towards you.

Examples of the use of such cookies:

  • Remembering products that have been placed in the user’s basket.

  • Remembering that the user is logged in to our website.

  • Remembering information entered by the user in the forms on our website (in order to avoid the need to re-enter them when using the browser’s “back” and “forward” buttons to navigate the form).

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow our website to remember the choices made by users, e.g. username, login details and language preferences, as well as personalization of the websites made by visitors to our website.

Examples of the use of such cookies:

  • Provision of individual services, eg the ability to view video files or comment.

  • Providing information to our partners to provide services on our website. The information provided is used solely to provide the user with the services, products or functions requested by him.

  • Memorizing whether we have already asked the user to complete the questionnaire.

  • Memorizing the user’s location.

  • Memorizing the language chosen by the user.

Analytical cookies

These cookies help us understand how visitors use our website. They collect, for example, information about which pages on our website are most often chosen by visitors, which features they use and which websites they visited earlier. We use this information to improve our website and provide a better user experience.

Examples of the use of such cookies:

  • Monitoring and keeping statistics on the use of our website.

  • Providing assistance in improving our website by assessing any errors that occur.

  • Checking the effectiveness of ads appearing on our website and striving to be the best fit.

  • Providing our affiliates and those third parties who have authorized us to place links on our website with feedback about users visiting their websites. This information may be used by such third parties to improve their websites or services.

  • Testing the layout and functionality of the website.

Marketing and advertising cookies of AUTOTRIZ WORLDWIDE partners 

These cookies are used by other companies cooperating with us to provide users with relevant advertising on our and other websites. They are sometimes referred to as “third party cookies” because they are created (when you visit our website) by other companies, not by us.

These companies use cookies to create a user profile based on its browsing history, their own websites and other websites that collaborate with them, as well as based on advertisements that the user views or selects on our website and on other websites. They can also combine this information with other data collected about you from other sources. The companies use these profiles to display relevant ads to the user, both on our website and on other websites.

These companies can track browsing operations made by the user on different devices and combine these data into one profile to present relevant ads on all such devices. They can use a variety of methods to determine that individual devices are most likely used by one user, which includes matching information about devices, browsing operations, and geographic location of the user.

Cookies can be turned on and off separately for each company cooperating with us by clicking the “Show detailed preferences” button.

Below is a list of companies cooperating with us. The user can enable and disable the use of cookies for individual companies by clicking the button next to the name of the company.

Description of the purpose of cookies

For more information on online behavioral advertising and online privacy rules, please visit

On each side of our website, Cookie settings are available, where the user can at any time read the list of other companies using cookies on this website and change their settings for these files. Detailed information on how we use our users’ personal data and applicable user rights is included in our Privacy Policy.


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